Answering Member Questions: May 2022

These following questions summarize common themes in our Member Experience Survey responses from May 2022. We appreciate your feedback, so we hope the the following responses can provide insight into what’s happening at our Y. 

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences at the Skagit Y, please consider taking our June survey

Q1: When will Y Kids’ @ Hoag reopen for younger ages and when will the hours expand? 

We realize the importance of Y Kids’ @ Hoag – it’s an essential service for many parents who need a mental and physical break from their young ones. 

We just recently expanded our age range at Y Kids’ @ Hoag to include ages 1 and up! Our hours have expanded during the first couple months of 2022 to include additional evening times, but additional hours of supervised care will only increase as we add additional staff. 

As we expand the age range, we’d like to emphasize that Y Kids’ is not licensed childcare, meaning we are unable to change diapers. If our staff suspects a child needs a diaper change, they will locate the parent/guardian in the building to notify them. Children using the Kid Zone bathroom must be able to go to the bathroom independently. Staff are unable to assist a child. 

Also, Y Kids’ @ Hoag requires pre-registration by the Sunday before each week of care to ensure your child’s spot as capacity is limited. 

Q2: When will bitty sports or programs return? 

Bitty Y Day Camp for kids ages 3-7 will be offered this summer from the week of June 27 to the week of August 15. Each week of camp will have a specific theme (example themes include superheroes, nature, ocean, etc.) and campers can expect to participate in fun activities that encourage creative expression, physical movement, and teamwork! Learn more about Bitty Y Day Camp here. 

We are interested in learning more from members about what you are looking for in programming for kids under 7 years old. There will be a focus group in August so the Y can learn more about what you would like to see moving forward. Stay tuned for more information on when this focus group will occur. 

Flag Football is coming to Mount Vernon in Fall 2022 for youth ages 6-13. 

Q3: When will more fitness classes return? Will pre-Covid fitness instructors return? 

We will continue to add fitness classes to the schedule as we hire additional instructors. If you know of fitness instructors who are looking to teach, encourage them to apply

Starting on Tuesday, June 14, Marie will be teaching a Spartan Training fitness class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:15-7:00pm. Class will be intense training for a Spartan Race near Portlandin mid-September. 

Many members are curious if fitness instructors who were let go during the COVID-19 pandemic will return to teach classes. We have invited all the staff that were laid off due to the pandemic to apply for any open positions they are interested in; however, many people have found other ways to contribute to the community. 

Q4: When will the Y reopen on Sundays? 

We recently started member-only Sunday hours from 12:00 – 4:00pm on the first Sunday of each month. We’ve started at one Sunday a month due to staffing levels, but our hope is to add additional Sunday hours each month in the latter half of 2022 and eventually reach a point where we can be open every Sunday. 

If you are interested in Sunday hours, please come to our current Sunday openings! Consistently strong numbers at our current Sunday openings will make it easier to justify opening additional Sundays each month. Here are our upcoming Sunday openings: 

  • July 10 
  • August 7 
  • September 11 
  • October 2 
  • November 6 
  • December 4 

Q5: Why are the fitness studios locked when classes are taking place? 

Our fitness studios have historically been closed out of concern for protecting youth who might be at risk for child abuse in a closed studio. However, with added cameras in the building and additional staff to make walkthroughs in the building, we are planning on opening both Studio A and Studio B as additional spaces for people to work out, stretch, and improve their wellness. 

Starting on Monday, June 13, the fitness studios will be open for use, except when fitness classes are taking place. As per our current operating procedure, doors will be closed during fitness classes, but once classes are done, one set of doors at each studio will remain open. We will have signage on the doors indicating the fitness class schedules and which doors are to remain open. 

Q6: What programs are available for teens? 

We are launching the Stop, Drop, & Run program in Sedro-Woolley this summer! This FREE program includes both a drop-in center and a running program, and all activities will take place out of the old Central Library building (802 Ball Street). 

  • The drop-in center (open to youth ages 12-17) will have a variety of enrichment activities available for youth and educational opportunities spanning a wide range of interests. Learning topics include nutrition, financial literacy, physical fitness, writing, and arts-based content. Available from 12:00 – 6:00pm (M-F). 
  • The running program (open to youth grades 5-12) is a great opportunity to train with experienced running coaches. Runners will be grouped based on current fitness levels and ages and follow a training program. Participants will train for an end-of-summer celebratory 5k/10k run on Saturday, August 13 at a yet-to-be-determined location. (Participating runners will get free shoes and gear, too!). Available from 4:30 – 6:00pm (M-F). 
  • Registration is still open for our free, 8-week running program for youth entering grades 5-12 beginning June 27 (don’t forget, each student receives a free running kit including fitted running shoes!). For more information about our SW programs, click here. 



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