2020 Pricing Updates


Pricing Updates (1.29.20)

In order to streamline our billing process and to meet our budget and community service goals, we have determined to simplify our membership types as of March 1, 2020. There will now be one standard rate for everyone in each membership type, regardless of your billing method. You will also be able to choose which day your payment is withdrawn from your account. With this change comes an increase in price for some members. Our new pricing, however, is still less than other regional YMCAs and is less than comparable local establishments. Given the 13% increase in the minimum wage, this change is unavoidable.

Historically, our rates have gone up in January each year. This year, however, with the new building we waiting until Spring to give some additional time in the new facility before adjusting our pricing. Unfortunately, this took effect right around the time that we were hit with a pandemic that our team was not anticipating. We apologize for the inconvenience that this timing has caused. Our intention was to give members a longer grace period with the lower rates by waiting until Spring to raise our rates. Please contact our Welcome Center with any questions at welcomecenter@skagitymca.org or 360-336-9622.