Anita's Virtual Y Experience

Anita's Virtual Y Experience

Dear YMCA,

I am writing to you first, to thank you for offering virtual classes during this unprecedented time in our lives and secondly, for having Rosemary Alpert offer exercise classes for the mind and spirit.

I have had the pleasure of being in all 3 of her classes:  Fun Farming, Creative Spark and Photography for the past month and just signed up for the next month.

I have had the opportunity to get to know her better, to meet new members of my community and to begin learning new things even though I am 70 years old!

Fun Farming got me excited about planting a kitchen container garden on my back deck and to begin growing tomatoes, parsley, mint, oregano, rosemary and strawberries.  I am channeling my Italian Gramma who always had an abundant garden and used to take us grandkids by wagon to her strawberry patch near the railroad tracks.

Creative Spark has me beginning the development of an idea for a Meal Coop.  In exchange for three of my friend’s grocery-shopping for me, I bake sweet treats and share meals with them that I have prepared for myself.  Most recipes are for 4-6 servings and by the 3rd meal I am sick of leftovers.  This way I can share my love of cooking and preparing meals using the abundance of local foods and my knowledge of international cuisine.  It’s a win-win for all of us!

Photography has taught me how to see the light, to listen with my eyes and to look for simple beauty.  I take my cell phone camera on my daily walks and look for new ways of seeing everyday natural life.  My indoor space has also become an inspiration for my photos.

I think the half-hour-forty minute format is perfect as it is difficult to sit for longer periods.  It seems to me that a class size of 6 is perfect for allowing time for each person to speak at least once in the time frame.

In many ways I am seeing how connected all 3 classes are to each other-I photograph my growing plants in a creative way and share my garden bounty with others.

Mil gracias, Thank you, Grazie for offering these virtual classes and I hope they can continue.


Anita Ordóñez, Y member