"LEEDing" in Sustainability



             Here at the Y, we are dedicated to social responsibility and the promotion of healthy living. We held these tenets close to our hearts as we designed our new facility at Hoag Road, making ethical and environmentally-friendly considerations, both big and small.

            We are proud to say that our Hoag Road facility is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. LEED is a worldwide green building certification system which ensures that buildings are designed with sustainability in mind. As you walk throughout the facility, you’ll notice a number of unique features, such as large thermal windows, low-flow water fixtures, water bottle filling stations, and energy efficient hand dryers. These are all sustainable practices recommended by LEED to cut waste, conserve water and decrease energy usage.

            Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our building itself, extending to our daily practices. We keep our facility clean and toxin-free for the wellbeing of our members and staff. We do this through the use of carefully selected cleaning products and green housekeeping strategies. In compliance with LEED, we have discontinued towel service and encourage members to supply their own towels. All equipment is sprayed and wiped down with reusable rags. These practices significantly decrease our water and energy usage.

            Our facility is surrounded by a number of native plants. These plants were selected for their drought tolerance, only requiring temporary irrigation while they get established. We also have several electric vehicle charging stations and designated fuel efficient parking spots in our parking lot, encouraging the use of EV’s to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. If you are unsure whether your car qualifies as fuel efficient, click here to search for your vehicle. 

            The Y stands for youth development and participates in preserving a healthy planet for our youth to grow and thrive. Through our commitment to sustainable practices, we are ensuring that this facility will support the health and well-being of generations still to come.