Staff Spotlight: Abe



                This month’s staff spotlight is Health & Wellness Center staff member Abraham Kidane. Abe started with the Y as a volunteer in the summer of 2013 for a junior university internship. He returned for a senior internship the following summer before joining the sports staff as an employee in 2015.

Over the last four years, Abe has served in a variety of roles at the Y, from being a counselor at Camp Anderson to facilitating youth development activities to coaching Bitty and Youth Sports. Working with children is one of his greatest passions, as he enjoys watching each child grow and develop as an athlete. The Y’s missions of healthy living and youth development both resonate strongly with Abe; he holds both tenets close to his heart as he works with children in both individual and team settings.

Abe is grateful for the many opportunities he has received during his time at the Y, as well as the ability to integrate his personal interests into his job. In 2015, his work with at-risk and youth led him to attend an all-ages hip hop class. Through the class, Abe met his good friend Doug. The two now work together to teach the Y’s Family Hip Hop class, which has allowed them to combine their love of dance with their passion for working with children and their families. This fall, Abe will be piloting the new Bitty Breakers class, an introduction to hip hop for children ages 3-9. More information can be found here.

Abe and Kids Family Hip-Hop

Abe (left) and Doug (center) and their Family Hip-Hop class. Photo courtesy of Abe.

Currently, Abe is working as a full-time fitness staff in the Health & Wellness Center, teaching Wellness 101 classes and helping members of all fitness levels reach their goals.

Abe has been described as “patience personified.” His never-ending patience and constant positivity make our Y a better, brighter place. We are so fortunate to have his dedication and can-do attitude on our team. Thank you for all you do, Abe!