Y Facility Updates

Monday Message


Dear Y Family,
Like many of you, our team is eagerly waiting to make the final transition from Fulton Street to Hoag Road. We have received our Department of Health Permit and have successfully passed all other inspections except for our Emergency Communications signal. Because the signal strength is below code in the locker rooms and the Northwest corner of the building, emergency responders would be unable to connect to their signal tower in the event of an emergency.  As the safety and well-being of our first responders, members, and staff is our top priority, solving this issue prior to opening is paramount.
This complication is becoming increasingly more likely in multi-level steel and concrete structures due to recently enhanced federal code. While one estimate indicates it may take 6 - 8 weeks to install, test, and approve this communications booster system, we are investigating short term solutions that may allow us to open the doors safely while the permanent solution is in process. We will do our best to communicate what this looks like as soon as we have the information. In the meantime, the Fulton Street facility will remain open to our members (check the website for schedules), and your Y membership continues to allow you to take advantage of the Stanwood and Whatcom YMCAs’ wonderful programs.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Your generosity and support have made it possible to continue running our Oasis Teen Shelter and Daylight Center, provide healthy living programs, and facilitate our Y Kids programming.  You will be receiving a survey in the days ahead to ask about the best methods to account for lost value during this delay.

We look forward to hearing from you all!
Thank you!


P.S. We have received a number of questions about the length of our competition pool. We just wanted to clarify that our pool is the correct length of 25 yards. If you hear rumors that our competition pool is ''two meters short", please know that this is not true.