Y Childcare has served the Skagit community for decades, providing highquality care to parents and guardians of all backgrounds. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our childcare staff have stepped up in unprecedented ways to serve families when they needed it most.  

As always, the safety of our families & our community is our top priority. Our team has worked closely with public health officials to establish clear procedures to promote cleanliness and prevent a potential outbreak within our classrooms. Protocols include mask-wearing, screening, handwashing, frequent classroom disinfecting, and smaller group sizes. 

Mask Wearing- Anyone over the age of 5 is required to wear a face covering while inside all Y Childcare facilities. All staff are also required to wear a mask.  

Screening- All children and staff are screened upon entry each day, including no touch temperature checks. Families are asked if any household member has recently experienced symptoms.  

  • If a child or household member is required to quarantine, children from the same household will not be allowed to attend any Y childcare program. Our guidelines to permit the family to return will follow that of the quarantined individual. This helps us mitigate any risk of exposure for our Y kids, families and staff so that we can continue to offer safe, consistent childcare to our community. 

Hand washing- All children and staff are required to perform frequent hand washing, including immediately after arrival each day, before and after meals, and between activities. 

Cleaning- Staff are diligent about sanitizing all shared surfaces regularly. This includes tables, doors, toys and other frequently touched items. All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before and after use.

Small Group Sizes- Social distancing is encouraged with children as much as possible and outdoor activities are intermixed throughout the day. Classrooms are operating in smaller groups to limit the number of other children your child interacts with throughout the day. 



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