Healthy Kids Day

Nothing charges kids up like summer - and Healthy Kids Day is the Y's official start to the best summer ever! So make sure your kids get the most out of this spirit, mind and body. Summer is the time for kids to get up, get out, and grow. But for some kids, exposure to activities that stimulate the body and mind ends with the school year. In fact, research shows that kids are prone to gain more weight and fall behind in studies over summer vacation. A child's development is never on vacation. Plan ahead so that day after day is filled with the potential for growth, achievement, fitness...and fun!

HEALTHY KIDS DAY is a reminder not to let children idle away their summer days. Instead, charge them with their potential and make this their best summer ever by keeping kids active and learning.

HEALTHY KIDS DAY is THE day for kids to get a jump on a summer full of activities, from sports to crafts to learning, that will keep them growing and achieving. Inspire your kid(s) and family to keep your bodies and minds active this summer at Healthy Kids Day.  Come and join YMCA staff and members from our community on a day that will be filled with fun activities, booths, games, and prizes!  Learn how to stay active, learning, and healthy this summer at Healthy Kids Day.

THANK YOU to our 2017 Healthy Kids Day sponsors:


Event Date: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017 - 11:00am