Keeping our Y safe during the Omicron surge

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges for our nation, our community, and for our YMCA.   

Throughout it all, our Skagit Y has remained committed to providing the safest atmosphere for all our guests – members, community visitors, and area youth alike. As a unique community center in Skagit County, we strive to set a high standard with our COVID-19 prevention guidelines.   

We provide programming for all walks of life, including those at higher risk of infection (youth who are unable to receive the vaccination & seniors who are at greater risk). All of our safety protocols are designed to protect the diverse groups of people who access our Y.  

We regularly assess conditions and plan our responses to best serve our members and families. In light of the continued rise in COVID cases, our plan is to remain open, albeit with some adjustments to programming. These adjustments are intended to prevent potential super spreader events, protect our staff/members, and protect those who are unable to be vaccinated.  

For the time being, we are reducing fitness class sizes to 10 participants and requiring masks for all participants during the entirety of class (regardless of vaccination status). We will have more information for you soon on which fitness instructors will be offering hybrid classes. Additionally, after conversations with the Mount Vernon School District, we’ve jointly agreed to pause the after-school sports program for two weeks, with plans to resume on January 31st.  

While you may not see yourself reflected in these changes, all our members can help ensure that our Hoag Road facility remains open. When you visit our building:   

  • Help your fellow neighbor out by continuing to mask up at all times while in our facility (except while swimming or actively showering)   
  • Socially distance yourself from others and wash your hands regularly 
  • Stay home if you are sick or have known COVID exposure   

We do these things to protect those who are unable to be vaccinated.  

We will continue to assess conditions in the days and weeks ahead, monitor staffing levels, and collaborate with our school district and public health partners.



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