Darlys Jacobsen is a YMCA Swim Mom through and through. Three of her five children have competed on the YMCA Chinook Swim Team over the years and all five children learned to swim in the YMCA pool.

Allie (Thomas) Boe, now 30, was the first Chinook Swim Team girl to go to Nationals in 2003. She competed in the Freestyle Race in Fort Lauderdale and has many good memories of the experience. She taught swim lessons as a teenager to autistic children and trained with Coach Cornforth. Her daughter Brooklyn Boe, age 3, is now taking lessons at the Y, adding a granddaughter into the family legacy of swimming in the Y pool.

Rebecca Thomas, age 26, competed on the YMCA Chinook Swim Team as well until her love of soccer sent her in that direction of focus instead. Son Luke Thomas, age 24, learned to swim in the Y pool, and youngest daughter Alivia Thomas, age 10, is currently taking lessons and thinking of joining the Swim Team this summer.

Larsson Thomas, age 11, joined the Chinook Swim Team last summer. He loves having fun with the other kids, swimming the butterfly and the challenges that Coach Cornforth gives the kids. He shared a story of when he was learning to dive and he wanted to give up. He was sore and frustrated, his belly bright red from many attempts at the dive. Just when he was ready to quit, Coach came over and said “Welcome to the red belly club!” That sense of humor and welcome encouraged Larsson to continue, and he got right backin line to try again (and eventually mastered the dive). Larsson got to go to State this year with the team and missed qualifying for Regionals by only 2 seconds. He is already looking forward to next year’s competition.

Darlys says that throughout all of her experiences in the pool with her five children and granddaughter, she has really enjoyed the experience. She says that “everyone is welcome on the Swim Team, that is something special about the YMCA. Coach Cornforth is the best person you want to coach your kids. The kids learn new skills and they make you a good person along the way.”