AQUATICS FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS - Mondays & Fridays, 10am-11am

The YMCA is now offering an aquatics class especially designed to help improve the fitness level for those with multiple sclerosis. Instructor Renee Townsend has always been fitness oriented and did body building and various forms of exercise for years.

One day during a hike , her joints began to hurt and she soon lost vision in her left eye. After a visit to a specialist, it was confirmed that she had more than 20 lesions on her brain and a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Once her pain was under control, she began looking for a support system for exercise because she wanted to feel strong. She asked herself, "How many other people are out there who think they can’t exercise? I can relate to the days that their bodies hurt." She decided to do something about the lack of MS exercise support in the Skagit Valley and got certified last summer in MS Physical and Fitness Training.

Renee wants others living with MS to have a place to come for support and exercise. "I will always take the time to customize the workout to their needs", says Renee.