David Clemens broke his neck in 2008 and couldn’t use his legs for eleven months without help of a cane. He had three consecutive strokes in 2012 and had to relearn how to walk and eat.

In 2015 he had colon cancer removed and is now cancer-free. At this time in his life he said that he had no hope. A friend suggested coming to the YMCA. David qualified for a scholarship and began coming five days per week, first in the gym and then in the pool. In a little over six months of working out, he has lost forty pounds and restored hope.

“You are accepted here no matter what age or shape you are in. We all find things in common and help each other,” he says.

Debbie Hill had breast cancer in 2007, a mastectomy in 2008 and in June 2015 had a stroke that required physical therapy to learn to walk again. She joined the class four months ago and loves the encouragement and “atta-boys” she receives from her peers in support of her rehabilitation. It was in the pool that David and Debbie first connected. Both are cancer and stroke survivors, as well as widows, the two had an immediate connection. They are now dating and spend five days a week working out in the pool together.