Brandon Constantine has been coaching YMCA indoor soccer teams for the past several years. His son Ashton and daughter Emma both play outdoor soccer in the Fall, which he coaches, and the kids join the YMCA indoor league in the Winter to get more practice. A lot of the kids have been playing together on the same indoor and outdoor teams for years, and Brandon says they have become like a family over the years.

Coaching alongside him since “Day 1” is his Assistant Coach Jasan Winship, whose son Jasan, Jr. is on the same team as Ashton. Brandon says that they work together well and are like-minded. They have different focus areas and have fun coaching together.

Brandon has also coached many teams at a time even if his kids aren’t playing. YMCA staff has called on him to step up and coach a team that wouldn’t have a chance to play otherwise and he does so without hesitation. He wants to ensure that “nobody gets turned away.” Practice schedules are worked around his night school schedule at Western Washington University, where he is finishing his teaching degree.

A typical practice includes thirty minutes of drills and thirty minutes of scrimmage. A lot of fun is mixed into their practice, with both Brandon and Jasan playing on the field with the kids and making them laugh in the process. Brandon says that the best part of being a YMCA Coach is “seeing the kids set personal goals and achieve them. When the skills and training click is when it is very rewarding as a Coach.”