For many youth that grew up in the Skagit Valley in the 1940’s-1980’s, the Tri-Hi-Y Program was part of their childhood memories. Raising funds for good causes, spending time at the YMCA on Fulton Street, and hosting banquets and social events were some of the memories Tri-Hi Y alumni often reminisce about when discussing this program.

We are starting a series in the Our Voice newsletter, highlighting these memories through the decades. Thank you to Laura Minton Breckenridge for kicking off the series for us.

My Tri-Hi-Y memory is: I very much enjoyed my experiences as a Tri-Hi-Y member while a student at Mount Vernon High School in the 1970’s. Our group’s specialty was raising money by organizing and holding garage sales, donating the proceeds. We gathered gently used items from our families, friends, and neighbors, storing them at Jim and Glenda Hobbs’ home. The Hobbs must have been thrilled to finally have their garage back after we held our sale. We had so much fun though, and the sale was such a success, we kept at it, holding additional sales. Finally our parents started complaining they had nothing left to donate to the cause. That didn’t stop us though. We started a door to door campaign, offering to help clean out folks’ closets. We learned organization and to keep at it…all while having great fun!

Thanks Tri-Hi-Y and Mr. and Ms. Hobbs!

Laura Minton Breckenridge