At the Y, we know that healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing mind, body, and spirit; well-being and fitness mean so much more than just working out. Beyond a fitness facility, we provide educational programs to promote healthier decisions and offer a variety of programs to support physical, intellectual, and spiritual strength.


Meet your uniquest fitness goals and explore new fitness options through personal training at the Y. Work one-on-one with a certified personal trainer to create a fitness program that meets your needs and offers direction, education, motivation, and support every step of the way. Or, work with a personal trainer in a semi-private setting to improve your fitness and work on your goals in a supportive environment.

Benefits of Personal Training include:

Structure - Meeting your personal trainer for appointments will ensure that you stick to your exercise commitment.

Safety - Personal trainers teach proper exercise form and work on your pace to prevent injuries.

Results - Personal trainers are educated to ensure you get results, so they help you make the most of your time at the Y.

Variety - Keep your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to help you stay on track to achieving your goals.

Motivation - Progress means results, and seeing results helps motivate you. Plus, personal trainers provide encouragement and support.

Progression - As your fitness improves, your personal trainer will always modify your exercises to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum results!

Ready to take the next step and work with a personal trainer? Choose from Group Training, Semi-Private and one-on-one Personal Training packages.



Ages: 14+

Cost per Session:
1-3 session: $47
4-11 session: $37
12-19 session: $35
20+ session: $32


Ages: 14+

Cost per Session:
1-3 sessions: $37/person
4-11 sessions: $32/person
12-19 sessions: $27/person
20+ sessions: $22/person


Ages: 16+
Cost: $15/member or $45/program member
When: Spring 2019

Y members learn to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes through Y Weight Loss. Trained nutrition specialists lead one-hour sessions focused on an evidence-based curriculum.

Let us help you become a new you! This program is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight achieve their goals by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors and forming sustainable healthy habits. Our weekly lessons include topics focused on nutrition, physical activity, motivation, and positive thinking. During the one hour weekly lessons, we will help you come across obstacles or barriers and celebrate successes along the way!