Refunds, Holds & Cancellations

The Skagit Valley Family YMCA does not impose contracts on our members; members are free to cancel their membership at any time. Most memberships are prepaid and are month to month. Memberships in good standing automatically renew at the end of the 30-day membership cycle. The membership cycle begins the day the member joins and auto renews every month provided the member is in good standing and does not owe a balance.


We would hate to see you go, however if you choose to cancel your membership you must notify the YMCA in writing. We require at least 2 weeks prior to your draft date of cancellation to process your request, otherwise you may be charged for the additional cycle. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing via email to [email protected].

Subject line: Cancellation, Primary Member’s First Name and Last Name

Email: Please include names and dates of birth for all members on account, the month you wish to cancel your membership.


Membership refunds are only permitted when there are extenuating circumstances that limited you from notifying the YMCA of your cancellation. These would need to be accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. doctors note).

If you were incorrectly charged due to the YMCAs failure to cancel, a full refund will be given as long as the refund is accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. cancelation form, email request that was sent 14 days prior to billing date, etc.). Under these circumstances, the YMCA will not refund more than three months of membership at any given time.

In the case that you receive a scholarship through our YMCA Financial Assistants program and have failed to provide renewal documentation, no refund will be given for rate adjustments.


In the event that you need to place your membership on hold, please note that it is for 3-months. To request a hold, members must submit a hold request in writing via email prior to their next draft date to [email protected].

Subject line: HOLD, Primary Member’s First Name and Last Name

Email: Please include names and dates of birth for all members on account, the month you wish to place your membership on hold for 3-months.

At the end of the 3-month hold your membership will auto draft to the payment method attached to your account. If you find yourself needing a hold extension, please email 2 weeks prior to the draft date. If you request a hold after the draft, we can issue that payment as an account credit.

If your membership is on hold and you choose to come back prior to the end of your hold, please note that upon your first visit, the hold will be lifted and billing will resume on the next draft date.


We understand that children like to try new classes to find the one that they love. You can cancel from the program at any time prior to the start of the program. You may receive a full refund if requested 14 days prior to session starting to the original payment method or used as credit to be used on another program of your choice.

After the class or program has begun…

  • Program refunds for full pay programs are not permitted unless there are extenuating circumstances and are accompanied with proper documentation (i.e. medical). Refunds requested after the completion of a program session will not be honored.
  • If the YMCA cancels a class, whenever possible we will offer members the opportunity to make up that class: If a make-up cannot be accommodated, a member may request a credit for that class. All credit requests must be submitted in writing.


Q: I joined online and then learned I qualify for a discount. Can I receive a partial refund?

A: Discounts cannot be applied retroactively

Q: Can I change my draft information, draft dates, or cancel through the online portal?

A: Not at this time. Please contact member services in order to make any changes to your existing account: [email protected] Members and program participants may only join or register for select programs through the online system

Q: I joined and haven’t found the time to make it in. Can I receive a refund?

A: Members who wish to cancel their membership within 30 days of joining must do so in writing prior to the next draft date. Refund will be issued to the original payment method within the 30-day request

Members who wish to cancel their membership after 30-days must do so in writing 14-days before the next billing cycle. The cancellation will be processed prior to their next draft and the membership will remain active through what the member has paid. We do not prorate remaining monthly membership value

Q: The Y closed, can I have a refund?

A: When the Y closes temporarily due to weather, emergency, facility improvement or community related concerns, no refund or credits will be issued for any closure that is 10 consecutive days or less

Any closure that is longer than 30-days can be issued as account credit that has been prorated for the closure time

Q: I pay prepaid annually, 6 months, or 3 months at a time and I want a refund or place it on hold, what are my options?

A: For annual, 6-month or 3-month memberships. Fees paid for the months beyond the current 30-day cycle may be prorated

Holds would extend the membership expiration date by 3 months

Q: My membership was cancelled without my request, what happened?

A: Your membership may have expired, your payment method on file expired or you have an outstanding balance that is owed and we have terminated your memberships until payment is received