At the Y we know how hard it is to balance life. That's why we're here with you every day providing more ways for you to reach your health goals! Bring your children with you to the Y and leave them in the caring hands of our staff in Child Watch and Kids Corner while you take a Group Fitness class, exercise in the Wellness Center, or swim in the pool. 


Ages: 4 months-5 years

Our Y Kids' Corner room is filled with fun, age appropriate toys and activities. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun place for children while you take time for yourself.


Ages: 6-12 years

Y Kids' Zone is a supervised area where children play games and create arts and crafts projects while developing their social skills and self-esteem. Children are checked in and out at the Activity Center. 


Parents are allowed a one time daily visit, up to 1.5 hours for their child(ren).

Parent must be in the Y while using this service.

Parent must sign the child(ren) in and out, and pay for the monthly or daily fee at the Membership Desk prior to attending.

Sick children are not allowed.

Parents should take their child(ren) to the restroom before leaving them in Child Watch, or they may be called back to take them to the restroom.

Child Watch does not have hand-washing facilities. If a child needs changing during their stay, the parent will be called back to Child Watch to take child to a changing station for a diaper change.

If the child is crying and cannot be calmed down in 5 to 10 minutes, we will page the parent and request they come immediately to Child Watch to assist and comfort their child.

If a child is exhibiting continued unsafe behaviors and is not responsive to staff intervention, the parent will be called and may be asked to refrain from using Child Watch until the behavior has changed/improved.

Please bring needed supplies (bottles, favorite toy, change of clothes, snacks, etc.) and mark all belongings.

We ask that children do not share snacks.

Help your child through the transition at Y Kids' Corner &  Y Kids Zone

Upon leaving your child for the first time, please plan on coming early and spending 10-15 minutes with your child(ren) to help them become acquainted with the staff and facility.

We encourage parents to bring something from home to help with the transition. A blanket, stuffed animal, or small toy to comfort your child is helpful. Please mark the item with the child's name. The Y is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

If needed, you may bring a simple snack for your child(ren) such as crackers, cheese, or cereal. Many children bring a snack and your child may feel left out if they have none. Children are not allowed to share their snack with other children as they may have allergies or parents may not want them to eat certain foods. Please let the staff know if your child has any food allergies.