Swim Lessons



Swim Lessons


Swimming Lessons at The Skagit Valley Family YMCA



Welcome to the Skagit Valley Family YMCA swim lessons!  The benefits of learning to swim go far past developing a life skill.



At our Y, the focus is on building the whole child from the inside out.  Kids have the opportunity to participate in positive,

fun activities that build physical and social skills and create a lifetime appreciation for active living and enjoyment of the water.




The purpose of YMCA swim lessons is to develop competency in swimming as well as confidence and endurance.  Each class has five components:

  • Personal Safety
  • Personal Growth
  • Stroke Development
  • Water Sports and Games
  • Rescue


Each week of lessons includes fun-filled activities that also incorporate character values such as caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 


First Day Expectations

  1.  When you arrive at the Y, check in at the front desk before proceeding to the locker rooms.  All family/friends entering the Y will need to sign in. 

 Please allow a few additional minutes for this process

      2.  Once changed and showered, please proceed onto the pool deck and look for the Head Swim Instructor who will guide your swimmer to their class.

      3.  Please make sure that your child is dressed, showed, and ready to enter the water at least five minutes before their class start time.

      4.  The Swim Instructor will evaluate your child’s swimming ability and talk to you if your child needs to move up or down a level.


During Swim Lessons


Please make sure your child showers and goes to the restroom before every class to help keep our pool properly maintained.

We encourage parents to get to know their child’s instructors.  If you have any specific questions, we will be glad to talk with you. 



Progress Reports


Each swimmer receives a progress report mid-way through the session.  It will give you information on what your child has accomplished

and areas that may need more work before they can move up a class.  Open Swim and Family Swim offer a great opportunity for additional practice!


If you have any questions, please call or email aquatics@skagitymca.org


Thank you for registering for swim lessons and we look forward to seeing you at the pool!