Fitness Class Descriptions

In-Person Classes

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Full-Body Workouts

HIIT & Core:

HIIT and Core with Stefanie is not for the faint of heart! Participants in this class can expect high impact cardio in short bursts with minimal rest for the first half hour of class, followed by core-focused exercises and stretching during the second half of class. Come and get your heart pumping! 

Strength & Core: Stefanie

Break a sweat in Stefanie’s Strength & Core class! This popular class will help you build strength, increase your flexibility, and improve your balance; you’ll also get a great cardio workout while you’re at it! Dumbbells, bands sliders, exercise balls, and body bars are just a few pieces of equipment that Stefanie teaches you to use during her workouts. Never used these pieces of equipment before or want a lower impact modification? Stefanie will teach all levels proper modifications for the best possible workout! 

Bootcamp: Natalie

🎶Head – shoulders – knees – and toes – knees and toes. 🎶 Okay, maybe you won’t work out your toes, but Total Body Workout with Natalie is a full body workout that works all your muscle groups! Participants can expect to alternate between strength exercises (weighted and body weight alike) and cardio exercises. You’ll use a mat and dumbbells with the occasional resistance band or step. Natalie offers modifications for all parts of the class, so you can workout at a pace/with a weight that works for you! 


Full body high intensity workout using various equipment.

Barre 360:

Barre 360 is a high-intensity, low-impact, and full-body workout that will challenge and build your endurance, balance, and strength through elements of ballet, functional movement, Pilates and strength training.

Total Body Strength:

The definition of strength or resistance training involves the performance of physical exercises that are designed to improve strength and endurance and this is what this class is all about. Every month we will switch the focus of the training, for 4 weeks the same routine will be performed and then when your body has adjusted to it we will move to the next training. We will use a variety of training techniques such as bodyweight exercises, isometrics, plyometrics, Come ready to work the full body on every session. This class is for every fitness level, start where you are at and grow from there. 

Strength & Core:
Amy C.

Looking for quick results on your wellness journey? Look no further! Strength & Core with Amy is a great virtual class for all strength levels and those looking to get in shape! Participants can expect plenty of body weight and weight exercises, abs, and – yes – more abs! Join Amy for this high intensity interval training (HIIT) style class today! 

Strong Nation:

Strong Nation is a high intensity full body workout (HIIT) where every cardio and muscle conditioning move is synced to original music. So instead of counting reps you train to the beat pushing past your limits for a total conditioning workout. Please bring a mat to this class.

Strength in Motion:

This circuit class will take you through intervals of dynamic strength exercises that will engage the whole body. We will utilize TRX straps, bands, gliders, weight balls, BOSU balls, body weight, and more to keep your muscles guessing what’s next!

REFIT® Revolution:

Imagine yourself waking up and feeling excited to work out. Imagine being surrounded by a community that gets you, sees you, and believes in you. That’s REFIT®. A belief that fitness should change more than your physical appearance. It is part of the journey of becoming who you want to be—hopeful, whole, and confident in body and soul. EveryBODY is welcome to this group fitness experience. The class combines powerful moves with positive music. The best part, it is so much fun you won’t feel like you’re working out.

Mobility & Strength:

This class incorporates full range of movements by focusing on body awareness while building strength within these range of movements. Please bring a mat, resistant bands, hand towel, and a stretching strap to class.



Get those wheels turning! Spin class is a great course for those looking to get sweaty and elevate their heart rates! Hop on a bike and join Natalie for a workout including hills, sprints, timed intervals, and endurance work. Spin at your own level and enjoy the ride! 

Rhythm Ride:
Amy M.

Ride to the rhythm of upbeat music in this fun and dynamic cycling class for beginning and seasoned spinners alike! Fly over rolling hills, pedal up the slopes, do quick downhill spins, challenge yourself with intervals, and build strength and cardiovascular capacity. Adjusting the bike tension makes it easy to customize your workout, so new riders are very welcome. Whether you’re a regular road-rider looking to increase your endurance, or you’ve never done spin before, we invite you to join instructor Amy M and the Saturday morning spin crew for a 45-minute high-energy ride to the beat of music that will move your feet!



Grab a step and get moving! Group step is a fun and easy class where participants get their heart rate up by moving in choreographed steps, all to the beat of upbeat pop music! Throw in a bit of weight training and a nice stretch at the very end of class, and you’ve got a full body workout. Robin gives verbal and hand cues throughout the class and will help teach the proper moves to those who haven’t taken a step class before. 

Hip Hop Dance:

Students will learn basic hip-hop dance moves to do on the dance floor anytime, anywhere. The class focuses on rhythm, coordination, choreography, and improvisation while encouraging students to discover their unique dance styles. Set to popular music, hip-hop is a great way to exercise, have fun, and learn some new skills!

AOA Ballet:

Whether it’s your first time at the barre or you’re reigniting your childhood love of Ballet, this class will ease you into it gently and safely. Beginner to intermediate techniques and choreography make for a fun and low-impact dance workout focused on flexibility, coordination, rhythm, and balance.

Yoga and Mat Pilates

Morning Yoga:

Wake up with John every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for some Vinyasa yoga! This 7:00am class is great for those looking for a flowing workout that builds strength, flexibility, and balance. John teaches participants poses (as well as the benefits of each pose) during the class, and you can expect to leave class feeling refreshed, focuses, and ready for the day. Please bring a yoga mat with you to class.

Mat Pilates:

Improve your flexibility and posture and strengthen your core with our Pilates class! With a focus on body alignment and breathing, Charlotte leads participants through a workout that ignites the core powerhouse muscle groups (abdominals, lower back, shoulders, thighs, and gluteals) and encourages precision breathing, body control, and reaching a flow state. Please bring your own mat.

Mat Pilates:

Mat Pilates is a workout which is designed to help strengthen your core while providing a low impact workout. Please bring a mat to this class.

Amy C.

Join Amy for a Yoga class that incorporates both Vinyasa Flow and Iyengar Yoga. This class is great for those looking for a flowing workout that builds strength, flexibility, and balance. Participants will leave class feeling refreshed, focused, and ready for the day! A yoga mat, yoga strap, and 1-2 yoga blocks are recommended for this class.

Yoga for Back Strength:
Amy C.

Dealing with a sore back? Come to Yoga for Back Strength with Amy! This virtual class is great for those who deal with current back issues or are looking to strengthen that which keeps us upright! Participants will utilize standing, sitting, and floor yoga poses to help strengthen all back muscles. Props such as folding chairs, yoga blocks, and yoga straps are used, but not required! 

Yoga/Pilates Fusion:
Amy C.

Improve your flexibility and posture while strengthening your core in Amy’s Pilates/Yoga Fusion class! With a focus on body alignment and breathing, Amy leads participants through a workout that incorporates both Yoga and Pilates poses that ignite the core and tone the entire body. A yoga mat is recommended for this class.

Flow, Balance, and Strength:

In this upbeat yoga class, we will use principles from Vinyasa, which combines poses to form a flowing sequence, and Hatha, which consists of poses held in stillness to create strength, flexibility and balance. This is a challenging, creative and fun class with a lot of variety. Robyn will offer modifications for injuries and body types. It is her goal to meet each client where they are. You will leave feeling stretched, strengthened, and revitalized!

Restorative Yoga:

Take a moment out of your week to learn to truley relax. Bring your yoga savasana to the next level. Let your body truly feel the healing nature of yoga. A yoga mat is required, and we encourage you to bring a yoga bolster, blocks, blanket, eye mask, and strap if you have them.

Active Older Adult Fitness

Gentle Chair Yoga:
Charlotte/Amy C.

Gentle yoga moves the whole body through a complete series of seated and standing yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of seated and standing postures designed to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Class includes a small mediation, seated/standing joint mobility exercises/poses, and Savasana (a pose of total relaxation) at the end of the session. No mat is required for this class. 

Chair Yoga Dance:

Join us for a mix of music, seated and chair-assisted dancing, yoga, smiles, self-love, and fun! Class is a seated aerobic workout with a combination of fast and slow movements to a set of music. Participants are encouraged to have fun, listen to your body, and do what feels good to you and your body, because we are all different; keeping that navel tucked in gently towards the spine throughout the practice, breathing (singing out loud counts!) while we create flexibility and movement. Bring yourself and your water, nothing else is needed except a willingness to embrace the gift of imperfection!

Functional Fitness:
Instructor Varies

Improve your range of motion! Danielle leads participants through gentle stretches and flexibility exercises to improve balance, increase muscle strength, and gain range of motion. This class will improve mobility and increase Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) skills.

Exercises in this class can be done seated or standing; weights and bands are provided.

Better Balance:

This class includes a wide variety of static and dynamic balance exercises, stability muscle strengthening, flexibility work and cognitive challenges.


Kerri + Araceli

An aerobic workout which combines Latin moves with a variety of international and current music for a full body workout.

Aqua Fitness

H20 Fitness:

Join Patty in the pool for a water-based fitness class! This low-impact class takes place in our shallow teaching pool and is designed to improve joint stability, coordination, heart health, and strength. Each class incorporates cardio and strength exercises, and water dumbbells (provided) are often used! All fitness levels and ages welcome.

Aqua Flow:

Join Margaret’s class using water as resistance training. This new class will be geared towards all levels and begins with easy dance-style warm-ups. Next, participants will work through an upper to lower body routine for a full and balanced cardio workout.  Class ends with gentle stretching and relaxing moves. Enjoy the water’s natural abilities to soothe and rejuvenate the body.