Our Virtual Y

Our Virtual Y

As we make our way through this difficult time, the Skagit Valley Family YMCA wants to ensure that we stay connected with our members and community.

We will do our best to keep offering some of the support, opportunities, and encouragement you have grown to expect from us.

To do that, our team has been working hard to create some fun resources for you to look forward to during this pause in our regular lives.

Check back regularly for new virtual programming that our team will be offering.


Cooking with the Y

All Locations
10/21/20 - 11/11/20

Welcome to “Cooking with the Y!”  These classes are here to inspire cooks of all ages to dive into their kitchens and explore the versatile ingredients we have in our homes!  Let’s turn the weeknight dinner into something fun, easy, and delicious! Remember these classes are held in your home kitchen via Zoom.

What’s for dinner?  Is a question I get asked a lot!  Who knew that this question could be so stressful!  I am here to hopefully make this an affordable and easy way to make dinner. We are inviting our Skagit community to visit our local Gleaners to take advantage of this great organization that we have in our farming community. I recently did a tour with them and was so amazed by the bounty I was able to leave with!  I encourage you all to visit the Gleaners website to sign up for a free tour and shopping trip. This not only helps your family budget but becoming a member helps a great non-profit that does so much for our Skagit Valley.

Now let’s get cooking!  I have lined up 4 weeks of meals to help you plan your weeknight menu. Using everyday ingredients and pantry items we will transform your meal plan. I have designed these meals to adapt to your own families’ meat/protein choices. So choose your class and join us as we create easy meals in only one hour!

Session 1-October 21st- Pan-Seared: Let’s take your favorite protein and make an amazing pan sauce using this simple but oh so yummy technique. Serve with a steamed veggie or chopped salad and you have a complete meal!

Session 2-October 28th- Ground up!  Again utilizing an inexpensive protein and elevating it up to another level. These recipes will be ones you can pull out in a hurry for any weeknight meal!

Session 3-November 4th- Pasta Pasta! With so many gluten-free pasta out there everyone can enjoy pasta night again! One-pan our two choose how many dishes you want to do. I have the perfect sauces to go with all your favorite pasta!

Session 4- November 11th- Meatless! My family is far from vegetarians but I like to give our digestive tracks a break once a week by going meatless. This is a great way to boost your vitamin and mineral intake and being creative! We will be utilizing quinoa, beans, nuts, and seeds to make these filling protein-packed meals.  Typically these are my 9-year-olds favorite meals of the week!

Can’t wait to see you in the kitchen!



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10/2/20 12/31/20 Online / Front Desk $ 0.00$ 0.00

Available Sessions

Start Date End Date
10/21/20 10/27/20 Pan Seared - We - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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10/28/20 11/3/20 Ground up! - We - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Register  
11/4/20 11/10/20 Pasta Pasta! - We - 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm Register  
11/11/20 11/11/20 Meatless - We - 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm Register  

Y Weight Loss

All Locations
10/21/20 - 1/6/21


This 12-week virtual, small-group program led by a trained Y facilitator uses proven methods based on research to help you get moving and eating healthy. We’ll work together to help you achieve your health goals.


  • Personalized goal-setting to develop a unique plan that works for you
  • Weekly weight monitoring
  • Weekly motivational group sessions via Zoom
  • Social support from your group members also working to make changes

Y Weight Loss is open to anyone who is 18 and older and ready to make small lifestyle changes. It’s an ideal program if:

  • It’s confusing or frustrating to learn and follow the food and activity “rules.”
  • You are interested in learning alongside and supporting others with similar lifestyle-change goals.
  • You are ready to take control of your own health
  • You are looking to have support through the Holidays while making a lifestyle change


“Not only did I learn so much from the program, but even more so I learned much about myself… At 78 years of age, I am proud to say that it is never too late to start a new life, and I thank the YMCA for giving me the tools to enjoy the results of my new lifestyle journey.”

“What attracted and motivated me was that no one was telling me the do’s and don’ts of successful weight loss but rather that these are the tools that can help you… The sessions were most informative, reinforced by an excellent workbook and suggested weekly assignments.”

“The [YMCA’s Weight Loss Program’s] approach gave me the structure and motivation to finally start my weight loss journey. I still have a ways to go, but now I have the tools and confidence to reach my final goal on my own.”

“Participating in the group meetings was a plus. I got to spend time with people that I did not know but shared similar goals and needs. We were able to share with one another to gain strength and support. The camaraderie was phenomenal. The instructor served as the facilitator, but the group discussions were participant-led”


Join today and get started on creating lasting change!

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10/2/20 10/24/20 Online / Front Desk $ 79.00$ 99.00

Available Sessions

Start Date End Date
10/21/20 1/6/21 We - 12:00 pm Registration