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Basketball Hoop and Pickleball Reservations

YMCA Members can reserve a hoop in our gymnasium!


Pickleball for Open Play Guidelines   

2 Players: practice and drill or play singles or “skinny singles”  

3 Players: practice and drill or play “cutthroat”  

4 Players: games to 11, win by 2 after warmup.  Change partners after each game so everyone plays with everyone.   

5 Players: players take turns sitting out 1 game. Games to 11, win by 1 point.   

6 Players: 2 players sit out and can practice or rally on the second court.  Games to 11, win by 1 point. Winners stay on the court and split up. Maximum of 3 games in a row by any player.   

7 Players: court 1 playing to 11, win by 1 and Court 2 plays cutthroat until the other game is over. 1 winner from Court 1 is joined by the 3 cutthroat players for a game to 11, win by 1.   

8 Players: both courts play to 11, win by 1.  Winners from each court split and play winners from other court.  

For 9 to 16 people, if there are:

an EVEN number of people, sub out groups of 2 or 4

an ODD number of people, sub out in in groups of 3 (1 winner stays on court)


NOTE: that games change to “win by 1” when players are waiting to play.  This keeps players from sitting out too long.   

Singles and Skinny Singles 
The rules for singles are the same as in doubles with the entire court being used but the score is called out differently.  Players call just 2 numbers, their score and then their opponents. For example, 0-0 or 2-1.  Each player continues serving until they lose a point.  If their score is even, they serve from the right side and if their score is odd, they serve from the left side.   

Skinny Singles is scored just like singles, but each player plays on and into just half the court. It’s either played diagonally or with each player across from each other.  Failure to return the ball into the opponent’s half of the court is a fault.  The serve is from the right side when that players score is even and from the left side when their score is odd.  Games are played to 11 and win by 2 points.   

There are several ways to play with 3 people, but this is the most common way.  One player begins serving to the other 2 players as usual from the right-hand court.  They can serve and play into the entire court on the other side.  Their 2 opponents can only return the ball and play into the half of the court the single player is serving from. Failure to hit into the half of the court results in a fault and a point for the single player.  Play continues until the single player loses a point (serving player only gets 1 serve, not 2) and then everyone rotates clockwise, and a new player becomes the single player (the server) versus the 2 others.  Players keep track of and call out only their own score.  If their score is even, they begin from the right side and fi their score is odd they begin from the left side.  First player to 11 wins.   


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