Meet our Fitness Instructors


Classes She Teaches: Strength & Core, HIIT & Core

Education/Experience: BS in Sport Psychology/Exercise Science from WWU; ACE Certified Personal Trainer; 12 years of teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in February 2008

Favorite Part About Teaching: I really enjoy building relationships with members and showing them that exercise can be fun!

Favorite Exercise: Burpees, Devil Presses, and Dumbbell Snatches


Classes She Teaches: Spin, Strength & Cardio HIIT, Bootcamp

Education/Experience: ACE Certified Personal Trainer; 7 years of teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in October 2021

Favorite Part About Teaching: My favorite part about teaching classes is the connection you make with members. I enjoy creating workouts that are both beneficial and fun and give members a sense of accomplishment.

Favorite Exercise: Running! I am currently in a run streak (running 1+ mile every day) and enjoy running half/full marathons.


Classes She Teaches: Restorative Yoga, Mat Pilates

Education/Experience: Certified in Group Fitness, Pilates, Advanced Pilates, and Senior Fitness.

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in April 2014

Favorite Part About Teaching: Interacting with members

Favorite Exercise: A good deep down dog is my go-to! Or any nice, deep stretch!


Classes He Teaches: Sunrise Yoga

Education/Experience: Certified Yoga Trainer; Certified NETA Personal Trainer; Certified YMCA Swim Instructor

How Long He’s Been at the Y: January 2018

Favorite Part About Teaching: The joy of being at the Y is amplified by leading classes. Showing up for others is tremendously rewarding; it reinforces and encourages my own needed activity schedule.

Favorite Exercise: In addition to long walks on Little Mountain, it’s rewarding to spend hours clearing blackberries and English Ivy from our property in Mount Vernon.

Amy C.

Classes She Teaches: AOA Gentle Chair Yoga, Strength and Core, Yoga, Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Yoga for Back Strength

Education/Experience: ACE Group Fitness Instructor since 2015; Yoga Fit Level One certified since 2015; ACE Certified Personal Trainer; 7 years of teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in September 2014

Favorite Part About Teaching: I love helping our members reach their health & fitness goals: whether they leave my Strength class feeling tired from working out or fully relaxed after doing Yoga.

Favorite Exercise: I really love doing inner and outer thigh exercises!


Classes She Teaches: Step

Education/Experience: 40 years of teaching experience; former fitness instructor trainer

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Has worked at the Y off and on since 1982

Favorite Part About Teaching: My favorite part about teaching classes is my participants! They are so fun and happy to work out

Favorite Exercise: I pick all my own music and do all my own choreography!


Class She Teaches: HIIT

Education/Experience: NFPT Certified Personal Trainer; 7 years teaching experience; half-marathon and bodybuilding competition experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in January 2015

Favorite Part About Teaching: I enjoy helping people increase their fitness levels and helping them see that they are capable of more than they give themselves credit for.

Favorite Exercise: Pull-ups, push-ups, and deadlifts.


Class She Teaches: AOA Functional Fitness, Functional Barre

Education/Experience: ACE Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist; Precision Nutrition L1 certified; 10 years teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in October 2021

Favorite Part About Teaching: My favorite part about teaching classes is having fun with my team. It is so exciting to watch people push themselves and empower themselves in class.

Favorite Exercise: Cooking and exercise might be my two favorite things to do!


Classes She Teaches: AOA Chair Yoga Dance

Education/Experience: Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor; Practicing yoga since 2014.

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in August 2022

Favorite Part About Teaching: I love doing something that helps both me and my clients live a healthier and happier life. I love realizing, seeing and feeling the mind, body, spirit connection.

Favorite Exercise: I love exercise in disguise! A hike with a rewarding view, a yoga class with powerful music, an awesome meditation or visualization exercise, a bike ride to a fun destination, a walk in the woods with a good friend, and dancing!


Classes She Teaches: H20 Fitness

Education/Experience: Certified Water Fitness Instructor since 2017

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in June 2017

Favorite Part About Teaching: I enjoy seeing members come to class ready to become more flexible and stronger. I also like how the stress of everyday life is relieved.

Favorite Exercise: All exercises are fun, but ball exercises are a favorite.

Amy M.

Classes She Teaches: Rhythm Ride

Education/Experience: NETA Certified, 30+ years of road, mountain, and tandem cycling

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started June 2023

Favorite Part About Teaching: I love the diversity of spin class (from new riders to seasoned cyclists), I love building a team atmosphere where we’re all in the ride together, and I love seeing the steady fitness growth in myself and my fellow spinners.

Favorite Exercise: Anything cycling-related, of course!


Classes She Teaches: Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, Zumba/Zumba Toning Combo, Mat Pilates, Strong Nation

Education/Experience: Zumba® Certified (Basic, Toning, Gold, Step, Sentao, Kid/Kids Jr.); STRONG Nation®, NETA Certified Personal Trainer, NETA Advanced Pilates certification

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Has worked at the Y off and on since 2014

Favorite Part About Teaching: Being able to reach that one person (or more!) who really needed a workout. Also, hearing stories about how a single class has changed someone’s life for the better and given them a new, positive outlook!

Favorite Exercise: Dancing of any kind and spending time working my muscles while gardening.


Classes She Teaches: Total Body Strength

Education/Experience: Certified Nutrition Coach, PN level 1, Certified Health Coach PN level 2. NASM certified personal trainer, TRX certified instructor. NASM group fitness instructor. 10 years of experience in fitness.

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started September 2023

Favorite Part About Teaching: Connecting with each member of the class and making modifications to fit their fitness level at the same time I can challenge them to push themselves to the next level. 

Favorite Exercises: Lifting weights, thrusting, dancing with the music in the lifting room.


Classes She Teaches: Teen & Adult Hip-Hop

Education/Experience: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts, Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 15 years of teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in October 2022

Favorite Part About Teaching: Seeing the transformation of members from the beginning to the end of class. There’s always a shift that happens when we move and dance in a community with others. It’s both uplifting and healing.

Favorite Exercise: Anything outdoors! Besides dancing, I love hiking, swimming, biking, kayaking, gardening, yoga, meditation, and martial arts.


Classes She Teaches: Aquatic Flow

Education/Experience: Certified ASFA Water Aerobics Instruction, 8 years Jazz Dance Performance Experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started April 2023

Favorite Part About Teaching: Getting to know the YMCA community and working together in a positive, supportive environment towards their fitness goals.

Favorite Exercises: In summer, I love to be outside on my bike, with a picnic basket and a destination of a river or lake.  In winter, I love to dance!


Classes She Teaches: AOA Better Balance, Strength in Motion

Education/Experience: Advanced Personal Training & First Aid from Butler Community College, Exercise Science From Wichita State University, ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM-Certified Group Exercise Instructor, ACSM/NCHPAD-Certified Inclusive Trainer, ACSM/ACS-Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, ACSM-Autism Exercise Specialist, TRX Instructor Certified, YMCA Group Exercise Instructor, YMCA-Aquatic Exercise Instructor, ACE-Senior Fitness Specialist, ACE-Strength & Conditioning Specialist; 9 years teaching experience

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started in June 2023

Favorite Part About Teaching: The relationships I build and the community spirit as we all come together for fitness and exercise!

Favorite Exercises: Yoga, Kick boxing, TRX, Barre, full body strength and toning work, paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and hula hooping


Classes She Teaches: REFIT® Revolution

Education/Experience: Certified REFIT® Revolution Instructor

How Long She’s Been at the Y: Started November 2023

Favorite Part About Teaching: I am passionate about creating an environment where everyBODY belongs. Regardless of your age, cultural background, fitness level, and body shape, there is space for YOU! I have the pleasure of exuding joy through hard work and heart work. The hard work comes in the form of uplifting music accompanied by sweat and smiles. The heart work is the core of why I love teaching. At the end of each class, I uplift every person with the inspiration they need to keep moving forward.

Favorite Exercise: In the studio, I’m passionate about any fitness that gets me shaking what my momma gave me to a fabulous song. Outside the studio, I’m obsessed with waterfall hikes or kayaking into the sunset.