Improving the Safety and Security of our Y

In light of an uptick in theft at other Ys in the North Sound region and at other fitness facilities in Skagit County, we’d like to share an update on what we’re doing to keep visitors to the Y safe and secure. 

We’ve recently installed 16 security cameras around our building to monitor building activities, and, if needed, identify persons who commit a crime. We are unable to put cameras in the locker rooms themselves due to privacy reasons. We also have 24/7 video surveillance of the outside of our building. We work closely with the Mount Vernon Police Department by providing video footage and collaborating with their investigations. 

Our Welcome Center and Aquatics staff have increased their locker room walk-through frequency to check for irregularities or suspicious behavior. This will continue to take place, but if you see something suspicious while a staff member isn’t present in the locker room, please alert a staff member immediately. 

As a general rule of thumb, we encourage you to leave your valuables at home. If you’re still worried about items being stolen, we encourage you to use a lock on the locker you use while in the building. Locks can be purchased at our Welcome Center. 



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